Alex Albertsson
Electronics and FPGA programming


Electronic system design
Schema design and PCB design - (digital and analog electronic)
High frequency electronics
Sound electronics
Signal treatment
Sensors and their compensations
Servo technics
Laborations with advanced electronic instruments
Calculations in Octave and Matlab
VHDL programming/FPGA design(Xilinx and Altera)
Altera Max II and Max V design
Xilinx CPLD design
Xilinx Spartan 3 ISE designing
Xilinx Virtex 5 and Virtex 6 design and migration
Xilinx "Microblaze" Spartan 6 - EDK designing
Xilinx "Zynq" SoC system - Vivado
C# programming for tests
Electromechanical design in 3D och 2D
Prototype manufacture
Project management

Place of work and some projects:

Geotronics AB - electronic designer
UTD-lab, UTD-electronics AB (owner and designer)
Ericsson AB - electronic designer
Trimble AB - Digital and analog electronic designer
UTD innovations - (owner and designer since 1983 - 36 Years ago)

(Trimble rekommendationsbrev)  

Geodetic Autotracker (patent nr. 4712915)
IMS Furnace lining control
Distance measurement instrument (US patent nr 10281578)
Super accurate angular measuring system
DXC switch for phone traffic - hardware
Atmospheric sensors (....non mechanic wind sensor etc.)
Electro-Optical receiver signal treatment and analys
Sound amplifiers and mixing
Sensors ambient temperture dependence chamber
Xilinx "Zynq" SoC - "Zedboard" prototyping
Complete electronic product design and Successfull CE compliance
Developing NEW electronic music instruments (FPGA sound synthes):
Accordion, Organ, Electric Piano, Saxophone etc..
Research - solar plant and its components